What If You Could Master Motocross Riding Without An Expensive Private Trainer?
This 11-Step Video Course Teaches You To Ride Motocross Without Spending A Fortune While Saving You Hours Of Your Time

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"Thanks to Martin Varrand's training course I have become a better, safer and yes, a faster rider. Martin's curriculum is well structured and easy to follow. Martin's videos are extremely helpful and are full of great tips. One can't fail to notice Martin's great enthusiasm and energy for teaching.
    This course is simply the best out there and definitely worth the money."
- Floyd Tomlinson
"I’ve followed you on YouTube for a while now and I’ve learnt so much. It made complete sense to purchase your course. The price was amazing and loaded with loads of tutorials and content. I’ve implemented them into riding and feel more confident and safer on the tracks. You are an asset to any racer or Sunday warrior. 

I can see you are passionate in helping others riding and I hope you keep building your following as we can all gain from your valuable knowledge.
Thanks for all your help!"
- Luke Lincoln
What Is The Fastest And Cheapest Way To Learn MOTOCROSS?
I Get Asked This Question a Lot...
Motocross can be a challenging sport if you do not master the right skills and techniques early on. There are many so-called experts who are full of opinions on what you are doing wrong. The truth is, many of these riders have never come close to winning a professional race.
The truth is those good trainers who make good riders are rare. 
World-class trainers that breed champions are even more in demand...
The internet is rife with people teaching poor motocross techniques. Misinformation, unclear instructions and misleading tips are all too common. How do I know this?
Well, I was 4-years old when I started riding Motocross. Since I became an author and trainer, I have watched people making all of the mistakes bad advice brings. 

I have listened to "experts" at the track, and in videos online talking absolute nonsense, and endorsing poor riding techniques. 

I have had enough of seeing people spending their hard-earned money on poor content and advice. It is time for me to share that special secret sauce that will help riders like yourself ride faster, safer and more competitively. 

I have spent five years building a unique program which includes this seven step programme for riders like you!
It takes hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice to become great at something. By practising over and over again, you train your body to respond using muscle memory. Wouldn't it make sense to learn all the right skills right at the start and save you having to unlearn the bad techniques?

By understanding the correct right techniques right from the start, my students can advance quickly. My methods have helped new riders and experienced riders to dial in the proper muscle memory, and hardwire the right thinking. This preparation means that they can ride faster and grow in confidence.

I have enjoyed wins at national-championship, and world championship level. I have seen my methods and training drills work with all kinds of riders. Now it is time for me to make these techniques available to you. 

I Was One Of The Lucky Ones
Luckily I had my father as a coach, himself a professional motocross rider from the old school...
His guidance helped me to develop all the right motocross riding skills at just four years old. The techniques he showed me, and those I grew alongside them, helped me in my career.

Who is Martin Varrand?
I have experienced a professional career, and I know what is needed to succeed in the sport. I started riding in a place called Estonia (Europe). My father was a professional motocross rider. 

Riding has always been in my blood. When I was 7-years old, I became the Junior World Champion in Germany. The year after that, I took my second title in the 65cc's class. Throughout my junior years, I raced against guys like Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, and Blake Wharton. These guys were incredible riders too, but I
could hold my own against them.

What does this mean for you?
1. You benefit from the solid advice I learned from day one of getting on a bike.
2. I know these techniques work because I have the championship trophies to prove it!
3. I love the sport as much today as I did as an excited four-year-old, and I want to teach to see that passion lives on in other riders.

After my father spotted my talent, hard work and dedication became routine. Motocross is not easy, but when you get a technical section right, land the perfect jump, or feel in total control, it is highly addictive. On the other hand, when you are continually making mistakes, sustaining injuries, and getting left in the dirt, Motocross can be soul-destroying. 

I have had the joy of teaching other motocross riders how to master the correct techniques and have shown them how to fully enjoy riding Motocross by thinking like a champion.
Imagine If You Could Access All Of The Motocross Skills You Need To Become A Winner Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Training Camps And One To One Tuition...
Learning Motocross from a laptop, iPad, or iPhone was not possible when I was a junior rider. Nowadays, technology has transformed the game. The life of the modern motocross rider is entirely different from my early experiences, and I have made this technology work to bring my secrets to you.

No more scouring the internet trying to find answers from random riders on how to corner, jump or brake properly.

No more doubt over whether the techniques you have found are correct

No more wondering whether you have found the correct answers to your questions.

With my Success Principles Series, you will have those all-important answers at your fingertips - wherever you are, whenever you need them, starting with ‘Seven techniques for winners’

I can guarantee you that your riding will never be the same - You will be faster, safer and you will have way more fun out there!
I am so confident of that fact that I will even give you a full, money-back guarantee!

Learn To Ride Motocross With me.
Get $299 Worth Of Motocross Success Principles For Only $37
Welcome To The First Motocross Success Principles Video Course:
"Eleven Techniques For Winners"
Learn The Seven Most Important Motocross Riding Techniques On-Demand

You Will Get A 11-Step Video Series Designed Specifically To Improve Your Riding Skills.
Get Instant Access To The complete Motocross rider Pro-development package.
"Eleven Techniques For Winners" (1,5 hours) Video Series (Worth a Massive $194 )
This 11-part dirt bike riding course is your proven shortcut to becoming an outstanding motocross rider without wasting time; money on training camps, private lessons and group training.

Learn from someone who has achieved world championship success and get the ultimate in dirt bike riding lessons. 
Delivered in bite-size step-by-step video guides, Martin Varrand will teach you in clear and straightforward language. 

See instant results on track by taking the guesswork out of learning. Hear only the best advice from one of the best in the industry.

95% of riders do not follow these seven riding techniques-fact!
By following this course, you will put yourself ahead of most of the up and coming riders out there. 
I am so keen to share these winning formulas with you, that I am offering three amazing BONUSES if you sign up during this initial offer period.
Bonus #1: Best Motocross Tracks in the World - The Ultimate Trail Finder ($19 Value)
Some Of The Best Motocross Tracks In The US, UK And Europe In A High-Quality Ebook 

This bonus is your ultimate guide to some of the best dirt bike tracks in the WORLD. 
STOP browsing the web or other directories - here is part one of the ultimate list of dirt bike tracks with all the essential information that you need.
Bonus #2: TOP 50 Secret Dirt Bike Hacks Guide - Designed To Save Your Time And Energy 10X ($49 Value)
Discover Fifty Of The Best Maintenance Hacks In A High-Quality Ebook.

This complete guide will put you ahead when maintaining your dirt bike, saving you both time, and money. 
These are the tips and tricks that I have learned over twenty-three years, available for you right now.
I want to share them with you so that you are always ready to win!

Bonus #3: The 19 Secret Habits of PRO Motocross Riders … And How You Can Use Them To Get Ahead! ($37 Value)
I Reveal The TOP Secret Riding Habits That You Need To Know In Yet Another High-Quality Ebook.
Secret habits of PRO Motocross riders will give you a clear competitive advantage over others. By teaching you to think differently, I can give you the extra edge you need to beat your rivals!
When combined, these advanced lessons will help you to develop control over your machine, power over your thinking and access pro-level confidence when you need it most.
I will teach you the habits, training methods and trade secrets that PRO riders use to give them that extra edge on the track.

This Is A Rare Opportunity To Bag My Motocross Success Principles Series For Less Than The Price Of An Air Filter! 
I Will Teach You To Ride Motocross!
Price NOW: $37 (Total Value: $299)
Get A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Trying one of the Motocross Riding Techniques you’re about to discover would pay for this tiny $37 investment over and over again.


I get that you don’t know me. And, honestly, at just $37, I don’t see much value in writing out a big, long 10,000-word page to answer all your questions and objections. So, let do this:

Here is my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

If you’re not satisfied with The Motocross Techniques Masterclass just let me know, and I’ll give you a refund. I’m easy to reach with an email. Here’s the address: martin@motocrossadvice.com

You don’t have to try it today.

You have a 30 Days to try it.

Get access to The Motocross Techniques Masterclass while it’s still $37 and put it away for when you need it!

Even if it’s not for you 30 Days from now, let me know. Sound fair?
Learning To Ride Motocross
Has Never Been Better
I know what it takes to become a successful rider, and I know what it takes to make my students successful too.
More importantly: After 23 years, I know that winning looks like this:
1. Dialling in the right techniques and skills
2. Knowing your bike inside out, and understanding how it will behave on track
3. Developing a pro work ethic
4. Amplifying the basic skills of balance and intuition and racing instinct to deliver confidence when you need it most.
I am waiting to help you become the best rider you can be. All of these winning traits can be learned by anyone who has the desire to cross the line first. 
Whatever your talent level now, you will see drastic improvements through the application of my Masterclass Techniques.
Remember, you're just one motocross masterclass away from being a better rider.
Let's have some fun out there!
-Martin Varrand

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When You Purchase This AMAZING Introductory Offer!
  • Motocross Success Principles: "Eleven Techniques For Winners" Course ($194 Value)
  • ​Bonus #1: Twenty Circuits You Must ride - High-Quality Ebook ($19 Value)
  • ​Bonus #2: TOP 50 Secret Dirt Bike Hacks Guide - Saves Your Time And Energy 10X ($49 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: The 19 Secret Habits of PRO Motocross Riders … And How You Can Copy Them NOW! ($37 Value)
Total Value: $299
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $37

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